Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One year older and wiser too!?!?!?

Took the day off for Jay's birthday on March 24th.  That morning I secretly took Jay's truck when I dropped Keaton off at school and got it washed for him on the way home.  We got to sleep in a little then headed out for lunch and pedicures....everyone needs a bit of pampering.
We also bought a new bed...upgraded from queen to king....it was a gift for me too!  Hopefully we'll get king size bedroom furniture for my birthday.
That evening we headed to Native New Yorker... it was March Madness and U of A was in the playoffs and they won!  Later that night we went to the movies and as a perfect closer to a birthday full of fun.....we came out to a flat tire!  Good thing we went with Jay's dad so we had some help at 12:30 in the morning!
We didn't have Jay's boys that week so we waited for a little family celebration until they came. As stated in a previous post, Jay was having a fishing obsession for a few month so he went out of town....but when he came back we were ready for him.

We had a nice dinner at home followed by presents and cake! 
 The boys bought him a gaming chair..which we ended up taking back because it was a little small.  The plan was to buy a bike but we didn't find one we liked for a reasonable price.  But never fear, we bought a scope for his gun that week, which cost more than both of those combined :)
This was our attempt at a family photo, I swear when I put the timer on we were all in the shot...someone must have bumped the table.
Happy 28th to my hubby...hope you enjoyed your big day!

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