Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Shoot!

Oh Shoot...Part 1 - Filed our taxes right away and what did we end up with....guns.  Not my first choice, but we also got a new fridge and washer/dryer. 

So here are some pics from our first few outings.  This is my gun.  It's a .22, simple to use, no kick, no real threat of hurting anyone. 

Keaton is a decent shot, in a year from now he will be able to hold it by himself too.
 Hayden's arms are not quite as long but he's getting it done.
 And there I am....hate pics of myself....shooting "my" gun for the first time.
 It was a beautiful day and a nice drive with the family.
 Thanks to my husband for taking us out and keeping us safe.
Oh Shoot...Part 2  The next time we went out we had some friends with us (more guns), it was starting to get warmer and we had Conner with us so safety was a big concern.

Got the ears covered and face protected from the sun.
 Snacks and video games, what else do little boys want?
 Let the fun begin....

 We ended the day shooting a bow.....somehow I missed the memo that I should not fully straighten my arm.  This is the result of the string brushing past my arm.
 And the grossness continued a few days later.
I'm sure I have at least a few more shooting pics but I'll spare the world for now. 
Fun times with the Verry Family.

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