Sunday, March 20, 2011


We were going to go out of town for Spring Break but decided against spending quite so much money.  But Jay did take a few days off so I told him we had to do "something" with the kids.  Besides the usual, eating out or movies....we went to the Museum of Natural History in downtown Mesa.

Conner didn't love being in a stroller but it prevented the "running" that almost two year old little boys like to do.  They all were fans of the DINOSAURS!
 My husband...almost being eaten alive!
 The boys taking a little rest.
 Daddy being a Native American woman and trying to craft a clay pot.
Panning for gold was Jay's favorite part....he was really trying to strike it rich for us.
Hooray for family fun time!

 After the museum we took the family to Organ Stop pizza.  Jay had never been there before and I don't think he'll ever go back.  First of all if you go in March be prepared for bus loads of snowbirds.  Which means tons of old people moving slowly and taking up every seat!  Secondly, well the pizza sucks.  Third, you have to pay for drinks at  a different window than the food, so it means you have another long line to stand in. is me and my hubby having a few moments of enjoyment listening to the music.
 The boys of course didn't care about how "good" the pizza was and enjoyed the show.
  This guy wanted "down" or wanted soda (which he spilled everywhere) the whole time so these shots with smiles are a few lucky moments.

 Also during spring break Keaton started riding is bike without training wheels.  Jay had tried it with him before and he did pretty good but told us he was too scared.  Uncle Cooper took them off for him this time and he was set.  I was pretty excited....he's not even 5 yet.  Good job buddy.

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