Sunday, August 14, 2011



Ok so here's the long story about this. Trying to be creative with where to have a party. Did you know Michael's craft stores host parties. I called and they said as long as I spent over 50 bucks in supplies the party was free.

Went to book my party. Oh wait that was just a July special now it's August so it's 50 bucks to rent the room for 3 hours and they give you a party host and they do some basic decorations and you can use some of their supplies. You can bring in food, have pizza delivered whatever. Ok cool, we are going to do a pirate theme and make treasure boxes.

Send out invites. Party is from 11-1....11 we do a craft, 12 we do pizza, presents and cupcakes. A week later they call and say oops, they double booked the room can they change out time. Give me the option of 9-11 or 2-whenever. Ok well that ruins the pizza idea. But we went with 2:00 and I had to let everyone know of the change.

We get there, a party is in the room, I ask and they say they have us set up in the back...but what they really meant is I have you set up in the staff lounge. I was very very angry! But it wasn't our nice hostesses fault and it was too late to change. So we had the party and it was a little cramped but the kids never knew.

They had made the big banners, they let the kids keep the pirate hats which I had not purchased, they painted each kids name on the table after they came in and I talked to the manager and they refunded my 50 bucks ( I mean if you have to reschedule me, do it for a time that is actually available?!?!?) A few workers came in and out to put things in their lockers and heat up lunches but it was a good time. I would still recommend it!

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