Friday, December 10, 2010

Our First Bi-weekly Date Night

Dating when you already have kids gets a little complicated.  I always have Keaton and Jay has Conner and Hayden for a week at a time, Friday to Friday.  So having three boys at home under 6 can get a bit hectic, three different schools/daycare drops and pickups daily.  We are all gone from 7 to 6 almost every day, then dinner, homework, bath and bed....its the exciting life.  After we got married we decided it was important to have some "us" time.  So every other friday when Jay's boys go to their moms, my parents are wonderful enought to watch Keaton and Jay and I go out. 
I think this was actually the stat of our date nights....we went to Fiddlesticks (oh the high school memories).  This place was super slow and a bit run down but not a bad deal for the cost.  We did a special for 3 attractions it was like 15 bucks each. 
 We rode the go-carts, each got 3 tokens to the batting cages (my specialty) and each got a small bucket of balls (I can not hit a golf ball to save my life so that was humorous).  We are always up for a little competition so it was a good time for us. 
 Bonus...since we're usually out late my parents keep Keaton overnight.  He loves having his time at grandma and grandpa's and we get to sleep in.

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