Sunday, January 16, 2011

January Randomness

Melissa came in to town a few days after Christmas for her friends wedding.  She had some shopping to do so the cousins got to hang out.  This was some serious train business.
One day Keaton asked if he could have some chips.  I said it was close to dinner so maybe he could have some with dinner.  (I think we were having chicken and rice for dinner) While I was in the other room, he set the table and kindly gave each of us some chips.  He then told me the plate on one side of the table was for Jay because it had the most chips....the medium one was for me and he got only a little bit of chips because he's smaller.  It cracked me up and so I had to take a picture, which turned into us being goofy together. Love that kid.

 Just a prechurch picture with two of our handsome boys. In their outfits from our wedding w/o the ties.
And last but not least, we got a kitten.  We named her Simba...she's pretty stinkin cute, but most things are when they are babies.

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