Saturday, June 25, 2011

June: The good....the bad...and the dentist.

Having all boys means we don't do "pretty" around our house much.  Often they are dirty and stinky.  So when you get them all dressed up, teeth brushed, hair combed and smiles on their face, I gotta take a picture.  We were a few minutes late to church this week and had to wait to go in.  But don't they look so sweet.
 Just a few short hours later....with a shiner on his eye.  Conner was down for a nap and the big boys were having "quiet time" in their room.   They were playing with a ball, they both dove for it at the same time and this is the damage that happens when Hayden's cheek bone collided with Keaton's hard head.  Poor kid.  We had a few minutes of tears but he took it like  a champ.
 Also in June we went to the dentist, they didn't have a time that they could get all three boys in so we started with these too.  This was Keaton's second time going but a first for Conner.
Every one got a clean bill of health.  Keaton got his first x-rays and they were all good. 
 Conner was fascinated with all the tools and did pretty well for a little guy.
 And of course best of all, they got tokens and prizes at the end.