Monday, April 25, 2011


Trying to think of some new ways to decorate eggs I found some ideas on the Disney Family Fun site and Hayden, Keaton and I tried them out. 
First we colored our eggs with crayons while they were still hot, the wax melted and was supposed to make swirly designs.

This is what it was supposed to look like and how ours turned out.
 Next we used craft paint.  We crumbled some aluminum foil, put paint on them, then wrapped the foil around the eggs.
Again, how they are supposed to look, and how ours turned out.

 And though they are all less than perfect it was a good time and the boys were very proud of their work.
 Easter morning came and the Easter Bunny kept it pretty simple this year.  The kids got some snack food, a toy, some books and socks.  But the amazing thing about kids is they only know what you tell them to know, so everyone was super excited about their snacks, and didn't realize other kids get big presents or tons of candy.

 The easter bunny hid a few eggs out in our front yard, that was exciting too.  Some eggs even had quarters in them!  The big boys loved it and Conner happily traded his quarter for some jelly beans.

 And last but not least, our boys in their Sunday best.  All dressed up and ready to go to church on Easter sunday.
We are very blessed to have such good, happy and healthy kids.  Easter is such a fun family time,  but also a time for us to be thankful for our Savior, the example he showed for us in his life and the life he gives to us because of his death. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Fun

Remember all the fishing we've done lately?  Well last week I heard music coming from the garage and the door to the garage was propped open.  I went out to find this.....Keaton had on the music and he was "fishing" in the garage.  I asked what he was doing and he said he was just having some "Keaton time" he stayed out there about 1 minutes.  Nothing like listening to music, kicking up your feet, relaxing and fishing.
We spend way too much time indoors around our house, especially considering the nice weather in the spring.  So on this Saturday we bought some cheap kites when we were at Walmart and stopped at the park behind our house.

 Keaton loves to fly kites.  He's done it with grandpa lots of times, and thinks he's a bit of an expert.
Jay is also a kite flying expert so he had no problem getting the kites up in the air for us.
 Watching a kite fly is so peaceful and relaxing.
 A bit later we saw a group of kids playing football on the other side of the field.  The boys couldn't help but join in, soon other kids came and we had a decent size neighborhood pick-up game of football.  
Sometimes I wish every weekend was just like this!